Be confident in your value and use MEDDPICC to underpin it

One thing that always surprises me about the sales industry is just how ashamed many salespeople are to admit they are in sales. Many sellers will do everything they can to avoid affirming to the customer that they are, in fact, a salesperson.

I have news for you — customers know you are a seller. They even know you want to sell to them! Yes! Even if you have a spruced up title!

My advice is to lean into sales. As I mentioned, you aren’t fooling anyone by pretending to be a ‘consultant’; even if you are, is that the…

Only elite sellers use MEDDPICC this way

The I in MEDDICC has a few definitions. A common misconception is that the I is just a way of getting to the P which stands for PAIN. However, if you go deeper on the I you’ll uncover what I believe is quite possibly the most valuable trigger point in the entire MEDDICC framework:

The Three I’s Transition:

i1. Identify
i2. Indicate
i3. Implicate

It is clear that the way to uncover Pain is through thorough discovery, but it is what we do when we Identify Pain that separates the average, from the good to the elite.

The average seller will Identify the Pain…

It’s the White Elephant in the room.

Jeremiah is one hell of a professional. He’s been working in Human Resources for over 17 years. When I first met him as part of a panel of people interviewing him for his role at Branch I instantly knew he was the real deal. You know how with some folk you can just tell?

Fast forward 15 minutes into the interview and I’m convinced. This is the guy we need in our region to help us on the path of growth we are upon.

The thing that stood out about Jeremiah was that whilst he clearly had the depth of…

You are losing deals because you miss this easy win!

Ask top-performing salespeople what they feel is the most important stage of the sales process and they’ll tell you it is discovery. It’s a question I ask in all sales job interviews and I’ve never hired anyone who doesn’t gravitate their answer around the importance of understanding their prospect.

It is a bit of a trick question though. As we know, Discovery isn’t a stage. Despite so many sales processes having ‘Discovery’ as the early stage. The best salespeople never leave discovery.

👑 Curiosity is king!

The term comes from the legal profession where the best lawyers spend most of…

How me going out of my way to help an elderly lady got me scorned

I have patience for the old lady that has incorrectly plugged her headphones into her iPad and is watching the Lion King on full volume on the train. Where as, the chap that plays Grime on loudspeaker on the tube I have less patience for.

So, when I sat opposite an elderly lady on a delayed train home and she was talking to her son on loud speaker (albeit pressed to her ear) I didn’t mind.

I soon learned that she was on her way to visit a friend and her son was explaining to her that because the train…

A Tale of a Robbery, A Dead Dog, and a Louis Vuitton Suitcase

This is a story from an acquaintance of mine. I do not have permission to tell it, but he’s kind of a dick, so YOLO.

The story goes that a young lady named ‘Sarah’ was asked to house-sit for her parent's friends who were going away for a week's skiing in the Alps. She was there predominately to look after their aged dog. Let’s call him Rufus.

Rufus was a sweet old Black Labrador, you know the kind.

The house itself was pretty impressive. …

That’s French for I’m an idiot, don’tcha know?! 🇫🇷

Our eyes met across the crowded underground train. At the very least I expected an emotionless reaction from her. I kind of hoped for a friendly glow, but, what I actually saw was a snarl, a look that suggested I had done something wrong.

My mind raced to make sense of the reaction, how could it be that I’d spent the last five minutes in a state of positive wonder about this lady and yet she clearly had very different feelings about my me.

She was an elderly lady, I’d estimate in her early eighties, although she looked like the…

and I lost! even though I am still not quite sure how

The annual season ticket for my train commute costs me more than my mortgage. It takes a lot for that to settle in with me. My tedious, uncomfortable grump infested commute that consumes a couple of hours of my every working day, costs me more than my home situated in a quaint Cambridgeshire village, that is filled with love, prized possessions, and, my personal favourite, food.

My commute isn’t without its peculiar occurrences most of which revolve around the level of stupidity or grumpiness of my fellow commuters. Like the gentleman who’s elbow extended over the armrest jabbing into my…

A story about a beautiful human

As I hurtle towards my 40th day in Coronavirus related isolation it’s really started to dawn on me the gravity of the situation. Not just because of the unprecedented scenario of the world locking down but due to the gift of modern media that enables normal folk like me to see what is going on at the most severe end of the crisis.

It is that view into the severity that has made me extremely concerned for the wellbeing of my brother James. James has Asperger Syndrome and a number of other complications relating to a deficiency with his 18th…


What is the definition of MEDDPICC or MEDDICC sales methodology
What is the definition of MEDDPICC or MEDDICC sales methodology

(Since initially writing this article over two years ago I have since implemented MEDDICC at another organization and am writing a book about my experience and the MEDDICC sales qualification framework. I have also written an update version of this post over on You can view the updated version by clicking here — Thanks, Andy)

MEDDPICCR is Poq’s sales qualification methodology. Well, it’s obviously not entirely Poq’s…MEDDPICCR is a variation of MEDDPICC which is a variation of MEDDICC which was famously created by the legendary sales organisation within PTC.

PTC’s growth was incredible, not only did they grow from…

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